At the initiative of Mr. Hafizur Rahaman Khan, the Honorable Chairman of VUT, a meeting attended by some distinguished educationists and social workers was convened at the Varendra University (proposed) campus in Rajshahi city. In the meeting, Mr. Khan, in his speech, explained the enormous problems prevailing in the sector of higher education of the country, particularly in the northern region. The number of students seeking admission for higher education has been increased in an amazing rate but the number of universities has not been increased proportionately. Naturally, too many students cannot enroll into their undergraduate programs. Many students have to enroll into the colleges under National University which unfortunately cannot impart quality education for constraints of all kinds. Mr. Khan also stressed the deteriorating conditions of higher education which he attributed to mounting physical violence and party-politics in an epidemic scale among the students on the one hand and the involvement of the teachers in extra academic affairs on the other. He, therefore, justified the need of a private University in Rajshahi region to provide quality higher education to the ever increasing number of students and proposed its establishment. He further explained that the campus of the University should be away from the ‘madding crowd’ and it should be calm, quite and tranquil so that academic activities can be pursued in an atmosphere free from the noise and bustle of a big city. All who were present in the meeting accepted his proposal in one voice and urged him to propagate higher education in this less developed part of the country.

The vision and mission of Varendra University is to emerge as one of the leading and premier centre of higher studies in Arts, Social Science, Science, Engineering and technology. The vision of Varendra University is to produce highly skilled and technologically trained manpower, visionary professional leaders and enlightened citizens with the orientation of knowledge of the development strategies, latest technologies of the time and effective management. The mission of VU also includes the promotion of humanism and peace through liberal education. We aim at providing education of high excellence to our young learners in a congenial and friendly atmosphere, and attracting brilliant students, distinguished scholars, researchers, scientists from home and abroad.

Ours is a knowledge based society, and we hope to equip our students with knowledge and skill to face global challenges and become world leaders of innovation in different fronts of practical life.

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