Pharma Bee

Pharma Bee (official student club of Pharmacy Department)

The Hive of Smart Pharmacists



Pharma bee is the non-political and voluntary student organization of pharmacy department of Varendra University.

Founded on: 11.03.2014


To build up qualified pharmacistsby giving a platform to the pharmacy students through which they will be able to participate in the activities of research and industrial works of the pharmaceutical world .

Activities of Pharma Bee

1. Pharmacy oriented research

Researchers are being conducted on different aspect of pharmaceutical world since there are plenty of medicines yet to be discovered. By doing these research, we discover the unknown mysteries hidden in the simple raw extract that we are using unknowingly.

2. Seminar and workshop on pharmacy profession

Seminars and workshop are the important tools for training. In order to how to do well in the pharmaceutical industries, how technology works there and to know about the latest discoveries made from the unknown mysteries, seminar and workshop on different aspects of pharmacy profession are provided by us and these workshop are also participated by the people outside the university in order to create a bridge between the universities and the pharmaceutical industries

3. Annual Pharmaceutical Expo.

It is one of the annual activities of the club where there will be an exposition of different multinational and national pharmaceutical industries with their popular and newly discovered medicinal product, their company overview, job opportunities in different fields of pharmacy profession.

4. Annual Publication

A publication containing all the research conducted by Pharma Bee and the other activities of the club will be done annually. The annual publication will also contain articles, journals from the eminent personalities of the pharmaceutical world.

5. Medical and IT oriented Training program

Pharma Bee is not only about conducting research, seminars and workshop. Training on several medicinal techniques related to pharmaceutical industries and several IT based techniques which are more than a necessity in our day to day life will be conducted by Pharma Bee.

6. Free Medicine Distribution

Pharma Bee will conduct some social works as well. A day will be fixed annually where free medicine will be distributed to the places where medicine are not that much available to the people.

7. Free Blood Grouping and Blood Donation

Another works will be conducted by Pharma Bee. A day will be fixed annually where blood grouping of the people will be done and donation campaign of blood will be done in the university premises free of charge

8. Semester based study tour

This is one of the activities of the club conducted at the end of each semester on the basis of the requirement of the member of Pharma Bee. The study tour will take place in different areas of the pharmaceutical world starting to the places where raw materials are formed to the places where the processing of ultimate product available to the market takes place.

9. Celebration of Different Day and Awareness Campaign

We also celebrate the day with different awareness campaign as well on different specific day

  1. World Aids Day-December 1
  2. World Pharmacist Day- September 25
  3. Tobacco Alert Campaign(On World No Tobacco Day, May 31)
  4. TB Campaign(On World TB day, March 24)
  5. World Healthy Living and Diabetics Campaign ( November 14)
  6. World Health Day(On April 7)

Pharma Bee Founder Committee


  1. Prof.D. AshikMosaddik
  2. Md. Shafiqul Islam
  3. MonalisaMonowar
  4. Md. UzzalHaque

Executive Body

  1. President: MD. MuradHossainSarkar
  2. Vice President: Md. Sajedul Islam Somrat
  3. General Secretary : MD.AbidHasanDipon
  4. Joint Secretary : Md. Rana Hamid
  5. Assistant Treasurer:  Muhammad Abdullah Al Masum
  6. Secretary of Human Resource Management: Md.Nasib Khan
  7. Secretary of Event Management :A.K.M RokanuzzamanPeash
  8. Secretary of Research and Seminar: Md.Rashedul Islam
  9. Secretary of Game: MokshedulAlamTomal
  10. Secretary of Cultural Program: Armin Sultana Nipa
  11. Secretary of Information and Technology: Md. Monjurhossain
  12. Secretary of Publicity: Nuruna Lovely Nisuti
  13. Secretary of Women’s Affair: EsrakJahan
  14. Asst. Secretary of Event Management: Md.RazwanAhamedShawan
  15. Asst. Secretary of Research and Seminar: ZabrinaSadiaJuthi
  16. Asst. Secretary of Game: Md.Razequl Islam
  17. Asst. Secretary of Cultural Program: Samaun Rashid Duity
  18. Asst. Secretary of Information and Technology: AmaturRakibaMunmun
  19. Asst. Secretary of Publicity : Md. MehediHasanSumon
  20. Asst. Secretary of Women’s Affair: TasnimNusrat

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