As an academician, I have always thought how to provide my students with a high quality teaching and state-of-the-art facilities in their research. Aside from providing high quality teaching, Professors have many other duties and responsibilities as well. It’s a new era for the sciences, a new horizon of opportunities. Playing a leadership role in science for decades, I strongly believe that the nitty-gritty of running an academic institution is to understand the competitive forces at work and realize the impact of globalization and internationalization on delivery and demand of high-quality education and research, and reforming paradigms of teaching and learning.  Also, working together with other institutional leaders, administrators and faculty, and policymakers we can successfully bring institutional innovation and improve education, research, and academic values of the academic institute. In Varendra University, we all should work in a coordinated way so that the university be recognized outstandingly well nationally and internationally for our contribution to Humanities, legal jurisprudence, business administration, and sciences in teaching, service, and research.

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