Freedom Fighters Ward

1971 is a significant year for Bangladesh. Liberation War is a momentous event of Bangladesh’s entire history. Through this blood-stained and sacrifice-laden war, Bangladesh attained acknowledgment as an Independent country. Heroes never die. Freedom Fighters are the greatest son of soil. We must concede their dedication, guts, sacrifice and loyalty for motherland with utmost priority. Varendra University (VU) is never in oblivion to the sacrifice people made during the War. It commemorates this majestic fraction of history with due respect and by saluting not only to the martyrs who made supreme sacrifice to cement our pavement of Independence but also to each and every person dead or alive who suffered, lost or sacrificed their wealth, dear ones and/or and other valuables and during the Liberation War.

VU is also determined to uphold the ethics and morale of the Liberation War. It is unwavering to be a flag carrier of patriotism and to espouse the nation’s spirit through enlightening the image of the country by providing international standard higher education among the countrymen. Bangladesh desperately needs a great deal of skilled and self-educated manpower. Our next generation needs proper guidance and practical formal education to run the country with more capability and dedication. Responsible people will have to come forward to ensure complete upbringing of the freedom fighters’ wards. From that angle of social contribution, VU has special consideration for those students of freedom fighters family who wish to come and complete their higher study in a friendly and international atmosphere in this institution. Some students are already studying at this renowned university with having waiver facility. This facility for the Freedom Fighters Wards provided by VU will ensure the spirits of our great Liberation War.

Freedom Fighter List

Sl. Name of Student’s Student’s ID Admission Session Department
1 Md. Shahriar 142111030 Summer-2014 Sociology
2 Most. Hasina Ferdosh 142112104 Summer-2014 Sociology
3 Md. Rezaul Karim 12341017 Fall-2012 Business Admin
4 Md. Abdus Sobur 12341030 Fall-2012 Business Admin
5 Ferdous Ara 13241007 Summer-2013 Business Admin
6 S. M. Jolly 133411029 Summer-2013 Business Admin
7 Sakuntala Das 133411068 Fall-2013 Business Admin
8 Md. Toushikul Alam 133412007 Fall-2013 Business Admin
9 S. M. Rashid Abed 141411113 Spring-2014 Business Admin
10 Md. Zafor Ekbal 142411130 Summer-2014 Business Admin
11 Tanvir Ahmed Shahi 12301009 Fall-2012 English
12 Rudmilla Rubayat 12301002 Fall-2012 English
13 Most. Tajkiratul Tumpa 12301006 Fall-2012 English
14 Eyamin Sultana 13101010 Spring-2013 English
15 Lubna Laboni(M.A) 133012003 Fall-2013 English
16 Md. Monarul Islam 141011039 Spring-2014 English
17 Sadia Arefin (M.A)   Spring-2014 English
18 Mst. Umme Habiba   Summer-2014 English
19 Anjira Ohomina Jannat 141211038 Spring-2014 Pharmacy
20 Jobaida Akhter 142211005 Summer-2014 Pharmacy
21 Digonto kumar Sarker 12332012 Fall-2012 EEE
22 Nahin Islam 13132008 Spring-2013 EEE
23 Md. Inzamul Haque 13232007 Summer-2013 EEE
24 Md. Mostafizur Rahman 141321041 Spring-2014 EEE
25 Rotna Yesmin 201311135 Spring-2020 CSE
26 Md. Atikuzzaman 201321051 Spring-2020 EEE
27 Mst. Shamsunnahar 201012017 Spring-2020 English
28 Md. Akramul Haque 193411028
Business Admin
29 A. Awal 201111046 Spring-2020 Sociology
30 Sheikh Ferdous Ahmed 201111017 Spring-2020 Sociology
31 Md. Rakibul Hasan 201111006 Spring-2020 Sociology
32 Afsana Shatu 201131007 Spring-2020 JCMS
33 Md. Nayeemul Islam 201112002 Spring-2020 Sociology
34 Humaira Afroj Disha 201232006 Spring-2020 Public Health
35 Md. Sirazum Mubin 201232010 Spring-2020 Public Health
36 Md. Rasel Rana 201511048 Spring-2020 Law and Human Rights

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