Business Administration

Welcome to the Department of Business AdministrationThe Department of Business Administration is one of the pioneering departments at Varendra University. A wide variety of undergraduate degree programs namely Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and post-graduate degree program namely Master of Business Administration (MBA) are designed by the department to reflect the requirements and desires of the students and those of society and industry, whilst retaining academic rigor. A number of students are currently studying at BBA and MBA Programs. It offers a broad range of disciplines like Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management (HRM), and Accounting etc. Courses have been designed highlighting theoretical and practical orientation to discover the leading edge of knowledge. Well experienced and energetic faculties from distinguished universities are conducting classes with passion and dedication. It facilitates the way for developing excellence in higher education keeping pace with the changing global world.

Computer Science and Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science and EngineeringWelcome to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Varendra University! Varendra University is at the forefront of higher education in Northern Bangladesh and is the first and leading private university in the northern region of the country approved by the government and the University Grants Commission (UGC). Varendra University started its academic journey in September 2012. The fundamental goal of Varendra University is to give quality advanced education to the students by experienced and reputed academics in order to produce skilled human resources needed for the social and economic development of Bangladesh.


Welcome to the Department of Economics at Varendra University. We have a promise to provide high-quality education on economics both theoretically and empirically which will strengthen students' analytical and practical skills furthermore.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) is one of the most exciting, creative and challenging areas of engineering. Electrical Engineering deals with the practical and creative applications of electrical engineering, technology and other associated disciplines.


Department of English started its journey in Varendra University on 21 st September 2012. Currently it has been running its Graduate and Under-Graduate programs successfully. The programs aim at providing modern and extensive education in English Language, Literature and English Language Teaching (ELT) for preparing graduates equipped with knowledge and skills required for professional success in different sectors.

Journalism, Communication and Media Studies

The Department of Journalism, Communication and Media Studies (JCMS) is one of the youngest and fast-growing centers for media teaching and research in Bangladesh. At present we offer Bachelor of Social Science (BSS) in JCMS, a four-year undergraduate program under the Faculty of Social Science. The program is an academic, industry-oriented, practice-based training and research. The curriculum is designed to provide our students with world-class journalism and communication education adapted to the specific needs of Bangladesh and other countries in South Asia. The Department is committed to prepare students with the spirit of facing the challenges of media, communication including new media.

Law and Human Rights

The Department of Law and Human Rights aims to provide comprehensive education in law as an academic discipline. It aims to develop in students the capacity for in-depth appreciation of relevant subjects and of their importance and to train them to be excellent law practitioners. The program is focused to realize students’ capabilities to identify and develop new opportunities and integrate theoretical knowledge with the capacity to apply such knowledge in practice with innovations and the practice of innovative leadership.


Welcome to the Department of Pharmacy, Varendra University. With the realization of the increased local and global demand for pharmacy graduates in pharmaceutical industries, academic and research institutions, hospitals, government services and health-related institutions, the Department of Pharmacy started its journey in January 2013 at VU.

Political Science

Political Science is a scientific study of politics which deals with the system of governance and power and analyses the political thoughts and activities. Right from the beginning of the civilization of human beings to the present world Political Science is playing a huge role. Nowadays the whole world is dependent on diplomacy and here, Political Science teaches what diplomacy is.

Public Health

The social, economic and cultural dimensions of health and population are a major focus of both governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Bangladesh and in other developing countries.


Sociology is a Research based science of society. It is value free and objective. It always seeks truth to understand the structure and function of the society.