Department of Sociology

Dept. Head

Prof. Dr. Md. Faizar Rahman

Sociology came into being as the youngest of the social sciences in 1839 in France.
Auguste Comte (1789 – 1857), a French Philosopher is officially recognized as the founding father of Sociology.

Sociology is popularly known as the science of society but credit goes to Sociology that alone studies various aspects of society applying scientific methods.

Sociology identifies the problems of the society and provides relevant information and suggestions for the policy makers to solve those problems.

Sociology is a Research based science of society. It is value free and objective. It always seeks truth to understand the structure and function of the society.

Sociological knowledge is deemed necessary for overall development of any country so the demand of sociology is increasing rapidly.

Most of the Public and Private Universities and Govt. Colleges in Bangladesh have opened sociology as a separate department. And, very recently a large number of private Colleges have opened sociology all over the country. This has created immense opportunity for the sociology graduates to get jobs both at government and non-government sectors of the country.

Above all as a human science sociology contributes much to make and produce good citizen for the country.

Sociology began its journey at Varendra University since Fall-2013 (September 2013) and now a total of 04 semesters are running.