Online admission Guideline

Admission for Spring– 2021 Session

The candidate selected for admission (according to the list of selected candidates) is required to go through the following steps to complete admission process:

  1. Click on the Online Admission link of Varendra University homepage  (
  2. Login to the admission system using Tracking ID (provided during application) and birth registration number (BRN) of the applicant. The BRN must be same as provided at the time of application.
  3. In the next screen (after login) the admission result of the applicant will be displayed. If any applicant is selected for multiple departments, the admission options will be available for individual department.
  4. The applicant can select his/her department for admission by clicking the Admit  button adjacent to the intended department.
  5. Then the admission will be confirmed by clicking on the Confirm button.
  6. After confirmation of admission to the selected department, the admission detail and Registration Payslip will be displayed including three options of payment method.
  7. It is required to select one of three payment methods –
    1.  Marckentile Bank Limited
    2.  NCC Bank Limited    
    3. Mobile Banking (Rocket/Bkash)   
  8. After selection of payment method the Payslip is generated. One can save or print it out.
  9. It is advised to preserve the Transaction ID (if payment is made by Rocket/Bkash)/ Deposit Slip (if it is comleted by bank deposit).
  10. The total amount required for admission is split into two installments. Individual installment has its own deadline, whereas, anyone can make both payments within the duration of first installment.   

Please note that the admission will be only confirmed by completing payment for the admission.


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