Varendra University




The Varendra University Moot Court Club (VUMCC) is a great place to hone and sharpen the legal analytical research and writing skills of the members of the Club. These skills are very essential for practicing lawyers. The activities of the club will also be quite useful for the members to become increasingly more comfortable in formulating arguments and expressing them in front of judges in a real court of law. On a more personal level, participating in Moot Court Club can also offer a distinctive acquaintance of bonding and knowledge with fellow students and members of this club during law school. This club was established in October 2015.



  1. Organize moot court competitions;
  2. Organize debate competition.
  3. Arrange workshops on Mooting;
  4. Watch and comment on movies, documentaries etc.;
  5. Enhance the skill of leadership of its members;
  6. Ensure representation of Varendra University in various national and international moot court competitions; and 
  7. Arrange other cultural and social activities on different occasions.