To cope with ever changing environment and intense global competition, enterprises increasingly need competent, efficient and effective BBA graduates. MBA (Regular) for BBA graduate program of Varendra aims at providing need based excellent business education for preparing BBA graduates to be more competent, efficient and effective to meet increased need of the national and international businesses. The MBA for BBA program of Varendra also offers extended and excellent facilities for Business education in Bangladesh. With highly qualified academic staffs, the university is committed to develop BBA graduates by nurturing a unique culture and team spirit that rewards professionalism, creativity and excellence. Hopefully, successful completion of MBA will make managers and executives ready to face the hardship of real life and competent enough to get challenging jobs in the multinationals, local conglomerates, small and medium-scale enterprises, various government organizations, NGOs and international organizations.

Academic Year and Semester System

There shall have adoption of the Semester system in view of yearly system. An academic year will be of three Semesters, 4 months duration under each Semester which shall be allotted on the following manner:

The schedule of three semesters is as follows:

Semester Duration
Spring January-April
Summer May-August
Fall September-December

Required Academic Qualifications for Admission

Only 4 years BBA graduates can apply for MBA (Regular) program. Educational qualification will be determined as per Varendra University admission rules.

Duration of the Program

  • No. of Credit Hours for MBA (Regular) program is 40 including 36 credits (12 courses) for course work and 3 credits for Research work and 1 credit for Viva Voce examination.
  • The duration of the Program is 12 months, which is divided into 3 Semesters. Each Semester will be of sixteen (16) weeks of which twelve (12) are for class room teaching, three (3) weeks for conducting the mid-term and final Semester examinations and one (1) week of break.
  • Each course is of three (3) credit hours and for each course there will be three hours duration lecture in each week.
  • A student must complete the program within maximum 24 months.
  • Total duration of the program may be relaxed for credit transfer students.

Evaluation Procedures

Total marks of each course in 100. The distribution of marks is as follows:

Class Test/Presentation(One) 10
Assignment/Term Paper(One) 10
Class Attendance 10
Midterm Examination 30
Final Examination 40
Total 100

Total time for midterm examination will be 90 minutes (1.30 hour) and semester final examination will be 120 minutes (2 hours).


Course Code Course Title Credit
MBA-511 Management Information Systems 3
MBA-512 Operations Research 3
MBA-513 E-Business 3
MBA-514 Tourism and Hospitality Management 3
Total Credit 12


Course Code Course Title Credit
MBA-521 Managerial Economics 3
MBA-522 Operations Management 3
MBA-523 Advanced Financial Management 3
MBA-524 Project Management 3
Total Credit 12


Course Code Course Title Credit
  Major 3
  Major 3
  Major 3
  Major 3
MBARE-535 Research Work 3
MBAVV-536 Viva Voce Examination 1
Total Credit 16