The language club of Varendra University is run by the department of English. The club aims at developing English proficiency with special focus on the four basic skills (i.e. reading, writing, listening and speaking) through different language activities. Bangla Language and culture is also the component of the club. The club was inaugurated in February, 2014. Honorable advisor, Vice Chancellor, Pro Vice Chancellor and Registrar were present in the inaugural ceremony. Since then sessions are being held on regular basis.

Activities of the club

  1. Comprehension to be solved in the session, summarizing a short story, novel etc. in the session or to be given as assignments.
  2. Debate
  3. Watching and commenting on movie, drama, documentary etc.
  4. Writing paragraph, essay, book review etc.
  5. Staging drama, reciting poems
  6. Arranging role play, language games, problem solving games
  7. Describing pictures, developing dialogues, stories etc.
  8. Arranging group work, pair work
  9. Photo story

Facilities we provide

  1. A fully air-conditioned room with an arrangement for at least 50 students

Audio-visual facilities (i.e projector, sound system etc.)