The Varendra University Journalism Club is a platform for students of JCMS to nurture their talents. It provides a physical space, hosts various events and encourages collaboration. Thus, it serves as an innovation incubator, research and development center of the students. 


The faculty and staff at the Department of JCMS focus on providing students with an outstanding learning experience in classrooms; through structured extracurricular programs and extraordinary connections to professional bodies.


The department proudly facilitates several platforms for students to take their learning and involvement beyond the classrooms in order to expand the personal networks, hone leadership skills, teamwork and creativity.



The main goals of the MediaComm Lab

• To be the leader in thoughts, ideas and innovation in journalism, communication and media in Bangladesh;

• To enhance employability of JCMSians;

• To promote high quality story telling on multiple platforms;

• To provide a forum for discussion, debate, and exchanges of views and experience for students; journalists, editors, and other media professionals;

• To develop sustainable business models in journalism and media especially fit for Bangladesh context.



1. Practicing telling stories on multimedia platforms

2. Building Online Magazine/Newspaper

3. Publishing print weekly newspaper

4. Building Apps for journalists/communicators

5. Running Youtube Channel to showcase students’ works

6. Ensuring presence on social media platforms such as Facebook/Twitter

7. Making short films/documentary films

8. Regular film screening (weekly), organizing film festival and competition, seminars and workshops

9. Arranging field trips

10. Debating and public lecture

11. Wall paper/magazine

12. Community works



Coordinator of JCMS.


Rules for all productions

• With due credit of the creator or producer, all the students’ productions would be regarded as the productions or creation of the MediaComm  Lab/JCMS department

• All production and creations must be uploaded on different platforms after check by the advisor or any designated faculty

• There will have separate editor/gatekeeper for each platform Guiding rules for MediaComm Lab

• Must be an active student.

• Submission should be short films (fiction or non-fiction), no longer than five minutes. Teacher/senior students can advise and help you.

• All works must be original.

• The audio, video should tell a story. It should be documentary narrative.

• Must be safe. Causing no any injuries or damage to equipment during work.

• Causing no injuries or harm to any animal or human being in any creative process.