Varendra University

Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (VU-IQAC)

The Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Varendra University was established in December 2021 in order to ensure quality education at the tertiary level. The operations of IQAC will be sustained and maintained under the revenue budget of the University.
General Objective
To promote a quality enhancement culture within the University by ensuring that the academic entity adopts and implements Quality Assurance (QA) standards and benchmarked quality criteria.
Specific Objectives of the IQAC
  1. Review existing policies and procedures of VU;
  2. Assessing and strengthening capacity for effective governance, teaching-learning, research and community services;
  3. Institutionalize quality assurance systems within the University;
  4. Prepare the University to meet the external quality assurance assessment and accreditation requirements;
  5. Monitoring and evaluating Self-Assessment (SA) practices and processes through audit, survey and other instruments; and
  6. Co-ordinate all QA related activities at the national level; and liaise with UGC and other external QA agencies.
The role of IQAC

The IQAC was set up following an administrative order of the University authority. It is organized in a manner which befits the size, existing structure and capacity of the University as delineated in the Act. The role of IQAC is to:

  1. To support the University in achieving its vision through providing quality tertiary education;
  2. To work as a central quality assurance cell for the University and review existing standards and procedures;
  3. Help to develop new standards, policies, systems, processes, and procedures by adapting and incorporating best practices;
  4. Systematically monitor and evaluate University practices and processes through audit, survey and other instruments as deemed fit to ensure generally acceptable standards of quality.