Bangladesh Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (BCSIR) Visit

53 students of 9th batch (6th semester) of Pharmacy department, Varendra University have successfully visited Bangladesh Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (BCSIR), Rajshahi on 02/12/2019. In this tour they have visited seven research divisions of BCSIR including; Drugs and Toxins Research Division, Natural Products Research Division, Oils, Fats and Waxes Research Division, Applied Botany Research Division, Fiber and Polymer Research Division, Applied Zoology Research Division, Fruits & Food Processing and Preservation Research Division. They saw various instruments and learn a lot about HPLC, Gas chromatography, UFLC, Mass spectroscopy, UV, FTIR, Protein Analyzer, Water bath, Condenser, Bacteria growing process, Antiaging cream test in mice etc. with the coordination of Dr. Md. Murshed Hasan Sarkar, Scientific officer, BCSIR.

The tour was leaded by two faculty members namely Dr. Ashik Mosaddik; Professor and Chairman, Dept. of Pharmacy, University of Rajshahi, and Nuzhat Tasnim Amin; Lecturer, Dept. of Pharmacy, Varendra University. The visit was accomplished with a great success with some good collection of memory which inspires the students for continuation of such programme.

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