On the 27th February, 2020 Dept. of Pharmacy, Varendra University organized a seminar on “Pharmacovigilance Day” at Pharmacy Building, Talaimari Campus. The seminar started with a brief welcome speech addressed by Prof. Dr. Ekramul Islam (Coordinator of the Dept.)

Professor Dr. Md Shah Amran, Department of pharmaceutical chemistry, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh was present as keynote speaker. Prof. Dr. Shahid Uz Zaman

Dean faculty of science, VU was present as a chief guest of the program. Other faculties and students of the Department of Pharmacy were also present at that seminar.

The speaker delivered his speech mainly on adverse effect of the drug available on the market. He focused on thalidomide drug as an example which was declared as completely safe drug in 1957 and used as sleeping pill. But when the pregnant women used this drug the doctor noticed teratogenic effect and fetus was born with congenital defect. This serious side effect was not known in the clinical trial.

Professor Dr. Md. Ekramul Islam also informed the audience to collect the information on adverse drug reaction of other medicines which is not declared by the pharmaceutical manufacturer but patients are affected and to inform it the director general of drug administration to take necessary action.

At the end, Chief Guest concluded the program with token of appreciation to the Speaker.