Professional Development Workshop for Teachers (Fall-2017)

A two-day, 16-hour-long Professional Development Workshop for Teachers was held on Sept. 11 – 12, 2017 at the Kazla Campus of Varendra University. Renowned academics and senior faculty members of the Varendra University and University of Rajshahi facilitated the workshop organized for enhancing professional skills of the faculty members.

Topics covered in the workshop include Qualities of a Good Teacher; Objectives and Methods of Teaching; Teacher as a Performer; Importance and Techniques of Research and Publications; Student, Classroom and Time Management; Conducting a Class: Making Class Engaging and Interesting; Preparing Teaching Materials and Lesson Plan; Effective PowerPoint Presentation; Art of Questioning and Student Evaluation; Student Counseling; Student Management for Effective Teaching and Learning; Teaching as a Profession, etc.

VU authority awarded the facilitators with Crests as token of gratitude for their invaluable contribution and participants received “Letter of Appreciation” for their dedication, time, and effort for continuous professional development.

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