Message from Honorable Pro-Vice Chancellor on World pharmacist day

Message from Honorable Pro-Vice Chancellor on World pharmacist day

World Pharmacists’ Day is celebrated around the globe on September 25 each year. The theme of this year's World Pharmacists Day is "Safe and effective medicines for all”. This theme aims to promote pharmacists’ crucial role in safeguarding patient safety through improving medicines use and reducing medication errors. Pharmacists use their broad knowledge and unique expertise to ensure that people get the best from their medicines. According to Bangladesh Association of Pharmaceutical Industries and Directorate General of Drug Administration, approximately 257 licensed pharmaceutical manufacturers are operating in Bangladesh. However, it’s been always a question for a long time whether medicines we take are safe and effective in Bangladesh, though some pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh earned their honesty and the quality of medicines nationally as well as in the international medicine-market. Surely, we are proud of these selective drug companies. However, we have to be very cautious particularly about the abuse of prescription drugs, as an alarming increase of drug abuse and addiction becoming a major health problem and affect people from all walks of life in Bangladesh.

I am glad to know that the Department of Pharmacy, Varendra University, is organizing a rally and a seminar on this day (September 25) to inspire the Pharmacy students of VU and pharmacists in general who lead or will lead the way in patient care. Thus, I thank and congratulate Professor Ekramul Islam, Coordinator, and all faculty members of the Department of Pharmacy, Varendra University, for celebrating the World Pharmacists day and letting the audience know the importance of this day. The Department of Pharmacy, Varendra University, aims to play an important role in improving the health and well-being of society by aiding in the discovery, development, and use of medicines through its education, research, and service programs. Also, through its intellectual programs, the Department of Pharmacy of VU will lead pharmacy education, scientific discovery, and development of new drugs, patient care, and community engagement across Rajshahi Division and beyond.

At the same time, I am also showing my respect to all pharmacists in Bangladesh and across the world, as they promote a healthier world through patient care, research, teaching, and the pharmaceutical industry.


Happy World Pharmacists Day to all pharmacists!



With good luck and best wishes,



(Professor Rashidul Haque, PhD

-Pro-Vice Chancellor, VU;

-Director of Reserch, VU;  &

-Professor of Molecular Biology, Department of Pharmacy, VU).