Inorganic, Organic, Physical Pharmacy & Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory

The objective of our lab is to familiarize the learners with the procedures involved in analytical processes, to educate students about the qualitative and quantitative study of mixtures and compounds, to educate students on different basic methods of chemical analysis so that they can apply them to qualitative and quantitative drug analysis,  to teach students to synthesize a few organic compounds and medicines, training the learner in laboratory diagnostics (chemical tests), training students in the medical research of different human diseases. Each laboratory experiment is designed to provide students the knowledge of basic quantitative analysis such as titrimetric analysis, rate constant and viscosity determination and also provide students hands-on experience in executing elementary analytical skills and quality control tests for various dosage forms.


                  Analysis, Inorganic/organic, Physical Pharmacy & Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory is well equipped with UV-Spectrophotometer, pH meter, digital water bath, Viscometer etc. Adequate number of glassware, chemical reagents and equipment are there for the smooth conduction of the pharmaceutical analysis, Physical Pharmacy, Inorganic/ organic pharmacy and Medicinal chemistry lab courses. A range of analytical techniques have been introduced and refined over the past decades and many are now commonly used in routine analysis of various samples including biological and chemical specimen. At the completion of the labwork, students will be able to explain how commonly used analytical techniques work and select the best methods to conduct the analysis of a range of sample specimens.

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