Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory of Pharmacy Department,VU is an excellent platform for the study of tiny organisms, called microbes which including bacteria, viruses and fungi. Our lab has necessary equipments that helps properly grow and culture of these organisms. The microbiology laboratory focuses on isolating and purifying causative agents of various diseases together with the assessment of the pattern of resistance of different microorganisms against antibiotics.The main purpose of this laboratory is to assist in the diagnosis of infectious diseases. This starts with the patient entering the healthcare system and presenting with certain signs and symptoms consistent with an infectious disease. Our object is to basically teach students the different methods involved in microbiological manipulations, such as the detection, isolation and diagnosis of biological samples of microorganisms, to teach the students different techniques of staining to show the various bacterial compounds, To carry out various sterilization methods for bacterial culture media, glass products and even unique pharmaceuticals.

             The laboratory is equipped with microscopes, Incubator, hot air oven, autoclave, laminar air flow, refrigerator, Sterilizer, Petri dishes, microbiological slides,  Various types of culturing media, staining baths and all chemicals and glass apparatus required to conduct microbiological testing. Students trained in pharmaceutical microbiology will be able to contribute in quality control and assurance department in pharmaceutical companies, and they will be capable of playing role to ensure the quality of raw materials before they are processed in the production area.

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