Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics Laboratory

Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics Laboratory of Pharmacy Department, VU is entirely well-appointed with necessary equipment to perform biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics of drugs via engaging in vitro approaches. Our object is to upskill the students on carrying out physical quality control such as tablet and capsul disintegration, dissolution of different solid dosage forms, friability, hardness etc, to edify the students for bioavailability, bioequivalence, and pharmacokinetics of drugs or their products manufactured in different pharmaceutical companies. Our lab helps students for understanding the process involved in production and purification of medicinal compounds in the laboratory/ bulk drug manufacturing industry, characterization of these compounds and progressively handling of drug materials in formulation.

Our lab is expedited with disintegration tester, dissolution tester, electronic analytical balance, friability tester, pH Meter, UV spectrophotometer, water bath. All the instruments are well conserved with updated log book and SOP. The lab room is fully structured with all necessary glass wares encompassing beaker, conical flask, measuring cylinder, volumetric flask, pipette, funnel, test tubes etc. to conduct routine lab classes. This laboratory facility is utilized for lab courses of B. Pharm. program including Pharmaceutical Technology-I Lab, Pharmaceutical Technology-II, Pharmaceutical Technology-III Lab, Bio-pharmaceutics-I Lab, Bio-pharmaceutics-II Lab. Different physical and chemical studies of various types of drugs are performed in this lab such as friability test, pH measurement, weight variation test, wt./ml determination, disintegration test and dissolution test of available marketed pharmaceutical preparations as well as identification, content determination, different measurements. Different types of dosage form and cosmetics are also prepared here such as suspension, emulsion, syrup, cream, ointment, lotion, shaving cream etc.  A comprehensive understanding will be provided to the students on the quality evaluation by these tests. Lab works accentuate the factors that have impact on the level of proficiency, communication skills, professionalism and ethics, leadership and interpersonal skills related to pharmaceutical preparations.

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