Physiology & Pharmacology Laboratory

Physiology & Pharmacology Lab of Pharmacy Department, VU is well-resourced with necessary sophisticated machines that are crucial  to perform experiments smoothly and obtaining results to elucidate meaningfully. This Lab delegate students to sagaciousness with the scientific exploration of human physiological processes, pinpointing and diagnosis of contagious diseases with further propound treatment methods. The objective of the laboratory is to acquaint the students with the structure and functions of different parts of human body, to impart students the knowledge of investigating the normal microscopic structure of the human cell, to provide the students the apprehension about activities of various organs as well as the composition of body fluids, particularly blood with reference to deviation from the standard / normal conditions that occurs in different diseases affecting human. Lab is facilitated to study of compound microscope, microscopically study of blood cells eg.WBC, RBC and platelets, examination of hemoglobin, differential count of WBC, Total count of RBC and WBC determination of clotting and bleeding time, examination of clot under the microscope, effect of chemical agents of RBC, Fragility test of RBC, determination of erythrocytes sedimentation rate, examination of hem in crystals, determination of blood group, measurement of blood pressure, analysis of components of blood, Effect of different drugs, electrolyte are also studied.

Pharmacology is the study of the effects of drugs on living systems, while a drug can be defined as any chemical substance that exerts effects on a biological system. Broadly, Pharmacology includes how a living system handles a drug (Pharmacokinetics) and how the body responds to a drug (Pharmacodynamics).The objective of Pharmacology lab is to conduct invitro and invivo experiments / demonstrations on the drug’s pharmacological actions, to correlate the instructive teachings with its pragmatic applications, to  upskill students to deduce the experimental data on drugs to its clinical application in the pharmacy and hospital, to inspire students for open discussion on the role of these drugs and habit of self-learning.

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