At a Glance

Varendra University, for the first time, is going to offer BSS and MSS programs in Political Science. Considering the importance of this subject respective authority has taken the decision to offer Political Science. Varendra University believes that a leader can positively change the society. The recent crisis of this world is the leadership crisis. A true leadership is needed not only leading a country but also for leading a society and even a family. Due to the quality of wrong leadership, a society can plunge into darkness. That is why it is the noble responsibility not only for the Varendra University but also for every public and private university to produce graduates in this subject to lead the society from the front.

This Department offers world standard syllabus considering the issues of human values and job market. Here students will go through the history of political science, different state theories and philosophies of great scholars like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and like. Besides, it also covers basic sense of English Language, Computer, Ethics, Economics, History and so on.  Bachelor of Social Science in Political Science program consists of 130 Credit Hours while Master of Social Science program is of 36 credits. 

This Department eagerly waits to welcome the students who wish to have their graduation on this program and to build a modern and sustainable society.

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