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The MSS Program in Sociology at Varendra University has been designed for both the regular and non-regular graduates. The regular graduates are meant for those students who have earned a bachelor degree in Sociology from any public and private university approved by the UGC as well as by the government. The non-regular students, on the other hand are the graduates from various disciplines (from both honours and pass course) other than Sociology. This program aims to reopen a comprehensive faculty among the students of Sociology to understand society well and grasp the problems of society intuitively. The major objective of the program is to produce young Sociology students to serve in various government and non-government sectors to meet the increasing demand of the sociologists in society.

MSS program (Regular) will consist of 1 (one) year having 3 (three) semesters covering a total of 40 (forty) credits. On the other hand, MSS program for non-regular will consist of 2 (two) academic years having 6 (six) semesters of which 3 (three) semesters for each year covering a total of 70 (seventy) credits. Other than the theoretical courses, provisions will be there in for both the programs of seminars and viva-voce on completion of every semester. A student with high academic attainment in his/her BSS (Hons.) or pass levels is eligible for admission. The regulation for admission of the students and the examinations will be same as those of the BSS (Hons.) program in the Faculty of Arts and Social Science.

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Year and Semester wise Credit Distribution

Total Credit: 40 Credits


1st Semester
Course Code Course Title Credits Credit Hours
SOC 501 Advanced Sociological Theories-I 4 4.0
SOC 502 Political Sociology 4 4.0
SOC 503 Social Demography 3 3.0
SOC 504 Social Inequality 3 3.0
  Total 14 14.0


2nd Semester
Course Code Course Title Credits Credit Hours
SOC 505 Sociology of Mass Communication 3 3.0
SOC 506 Sociology of Capitalism 4 4.0
SOC 507 Sociology of Human Rights 4 4.0
SOC 508 Research Project & Viva-Voce 3 3.0
  Total 14 14.0


3rd Semester
Course Code Course Title Credits Credit Hours
SOC 509 Sociology of Bangladesh 4 4.0
SOC 510 Social Justice 3 3.0
SOC 511 Sociology of Globalization 3 3.0
SOC 512 Comprehensive and Viva -Voce 3 3.0
  Total 12 1420