Varendra University

Interpretation of VU Logo

Varendra University Logo

  • The Square of the logo is the abstract representation of the physical layout of some prominent historic center of learning in Asia such as the Somapura Mahavihara of Paharpur (770-810 AD), the Darasbari Madrasha at Nawabganj (15th Century AD) etc. of the Varendra area.
  • The Symbolic presentation of the layout -- the arrangement of rooms around a courtyard --suggests different stages and levels of education and interaction. The indoor spaces correspond to the individual or group studies whereas the courtyard symbolizes the sharing and exchange of knowledge. The overall arrangement also characterizes a disciplined environment for higher education in the context of the Varendra area.
  • The three colors used in the design -- brown (typical color of the soil in the Varendra area), gray and black; the size and shape of the letters that spell VARENDRA UNIVERSITY both in Bangla and English, and the square suggest that Varendra University is an institution which enrooted to the context with a strong connection to its glorious past and aims to promote sharing of knowledge of international standard.

Architect Tariq Mahbub Khan, PhD