Why VU

Why VU

The mission of VU is to emerge as one of the leading and premier centre of higher studies in Arts, Social Science, Science, Engineering and technology. The University is providing education of high excellence to our young learners in a congenial and friendly atmosphere, and attracting brilliant students, distinguished scholars, researchers, scientists from home and abroad. Since its commencement on 14 March 2012, VU endeavors to accelerate students’ technological, intellectual, social and personal potentials providing them dynamic guidance and latest information about the new technologies of the world so that they can keep pace with the time and contribute to the advancement of the society. VU, in its short but significant journey, has achieved a series of amazing success in the following arena:


  1. Kazla Campus:

    Academic activities and students enrollment have already got momentum at VU. The Kazla campus of the University is located at Kazla the Dhaka-Rajshahi highway. The University is a 4-storied building with a total floor area of more than 26000 sq. ft. The continuous power supply is ensured by its own solar panel and Generator. The campus also provides facilities for co-curricular activities as well as enough spaces for car parking and heavy machinery in front of this building. The classrooms, laboratories, and library are air-conditioned. Internet facilities are provided on the campus which is essential for quality education. The Talaimary campus of the University is adjacent to Kazla Campus and beside the Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET) at Jahangir Sharani, Talaimary. This campus building is also 4-storied with a total floor area of more than 11000 sq. ft. The continuous power supply is ensured by its own Generator. Pharmacy, Business Administration and Law departments are here. This campus also provides facilities for co-curricular activities as well as enough space for Classrooms, Libraries, Seminars & laboratories in this building.
    Within the next couple of years, The University campus will be shifted to its permanent campus on 20-bighas of land with full facilities of a University at Kharkhori Bypass More in Rajshahi city. The construction will be implemented in four phases and it will have separate academic and administrative infrastructures, a residential hall for both students and faculty members, library, Cafeteria, TSC, auditorium, playground, swimming pool, prayer hall, transport pool, gymnasium, departmental faculty, research center, and an ICT center. The permanent campus will be consisting of modern facilities for lectures, meetings, group activities, student organizations social and religious festivals. It will be fully equipped with medical facilities, computers, Science and technological laboratories, performance spaces, and many more. VU envisages turning the campus into Fiber Optic Network and Wi-Fi-enabled zone.
    The site for the permanent campus of VU is situated on about 20 acres of land at Khorkhoria Bypass in Rajshahi which is away from the ‘madding crowd’ and it is completely calm, quiet, and tranquil so that academic activities can be pursued in an atmosphere free from the noise and bustle of city life. After its construction, it will be the largest campus among the private universities in Bangladesh.


  2. Quality Education:

    Varendra University has opened a new horizon in the domain of education in Rajshahi. This University has been established with a view to providing quality education and research opportunities to teachers as well as students. Being an institution equipped with enough facilities and intended to be the best one of its kind, VU aims at excellence, integrity, transparency, and accountability. It has been successfully running eight important and widely demanded subjects: CSE, EEE. Pharmacy, English, Economics, Sociology, Business Administration, Law and Human Rights,  Journalism, Political Science, and Public Health will be opened in near future. Towards attaining its mission of excellence at all levels the University has taken all possible measures to keep its promises.
    In this age of globalization since a University is better known for the cultivation of knowledge and research activities, VU has decided to make the research work obligatory for both the teachers and students alike. Seminars and workshops are integral to the University curriculum. We arrange them on a weekly and regular basis and the participants include students, teachers, and sometimes eminent scholars from both home and abroad. The purpose of such seminars is to exchange views, opinions, and ideas to share the latest development of knowledge and technologies in the present world. Arranging international conferences every year is also a part of our policy. We already arranged one in collaboration with Rajshahi University in 2012. The outcome of our research, we strongly believe, will contribute to the social, cultural, financial, and economic growth and expansion of the country.
    As an exceptional institution, VU maintains full-time office routine for the teachers. During office hours, they help and counsel the students regarding their studies, other academic problems and career planning, and rest of the time; teachers engage themselves in research activities. We strictly adhere to another principle that no classes should go unattended showing any pretext of any kind. If any teacher is on leave or otherwise engaged, he or she is substituted by another teacher.


  3. Qualified Academicians:

    Our faculty members are highly qualified with brilliant academic backgrounds. Many have vast experiences in teaching and research. An outstanding top academician’s team of national and international standard is in service of ensuring the absolute transparency and accountability of teachers’ recruitment process in VU . Quality education facilitated by qualified teachers is our promise.

  4. Academic Diversity:

    Being an institution equipped with enough facilities and intended to be the best one of its kind, VU aims at excellence, integrity, transparency and accountability. It has been successfully running eight important and widely demanded subjects: CSE, EEE. Pharmacy, English, Economics, Business Administration, Sociology and Law and Human Rights; and four more departments: Civil Engineering, Applied Statistics, Journalism and Medical & Health Science will be opened in near future. The essence of the university is academic diversity. To meet the modern diversity and the global demand the university is ardent to increase the number of subjects to produce brilliant, skilled, and technologically trained manpower. Ours is a knowledge based society, and we hope to equip our students with knowledge and skills to face global challenges and become world leaders of innovation in different fronts of practical life.

  5. Efficient Administration:

    Efficient administration of VU is capable of solving problems quickly and effectively. The Advisor, the Vice Chancellor, Pro- Vice Chancellor, Dean, Registrar, Proctor, and Departmental Heads take care of administrative and academic affairs. The top administrative team of VU consists of some exceptionally gifted personalities with national and international recognition.

  6. ICT Facilities:

    VU is the first completely digital university in Rajshahi, Bangladesh for technology-based education and operation with such facilities as computer labs, education ERP and WIFI on campus.

  7. IT Expertise Recognition:

    Programming team from the CSE department

    • Selected for ACM ICPC contest, Dhaka, 2013

    • Participated and placed in the first 100 teams in Daffodil National Collegiate Programming Contest (NCPC), Dhaka, 2014

    • Placed in 3rd position in Rajshahi divisional “Innovation Fair Programming Contest, 2014.”

  8. Wi-Fi covered University:

    VU is a university with Wi-Fi coverage. Faculty members as well as students enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity inside the campuses to be connected with the internet at a wink.

  9. Virtual University:

    VU is fully automated and all its activities are done or recorded in the Virtual University. Every student and guardian can see any information relating to payment, admission, results, course offering, and others. Student’s registration is conducted completely through online.

  10. Lab facilities:

    The laboratories of VU are considered as the country’s best. There are digital labs in all departments. Departments under the Faculty of Science and Information Technology have their own specialized laboratories for practical.

  11. Admission and Examination:

    VU aims at excellence, integrity, transparency, and accountability. Admission is taken in a transparent way and according to the rules of University Grants Commission. Examinations are also conducted in a strict fashion.

  12. Library:

    VU library is rich with printed books, e-books, and journals. VU takes pride for making a serene atmosphere for acquiring knowledge for students, who build their academic carrier and develop themselves for spreading the light of knowledge. It offers good facilities of reading.VU working rapidly to enrich its library purchasing a good number of books every semester.

  13. English Language Club:

    VU has an English Language Club to help students develop their language competence learning English, particularly listening and speaking skills, properly. It is equipped with all necessary gadgets to arrange regular presentation sessions.

  14. Credit Transfer Facility & International Collaboration:

    After graduation, students can easily transfer their credits to famous North American, European and Australian universities.

  15. Scholarship facilities:

    There are huge waiver benefits for financially needy students and scholarship facilities for meritorious students.

  16. Email Facility:

    Every student, faculty member, and employee has an individual email ID in university domain for better correspondence.

  17. Location:

    VU has a good campus location at the heart of city centre, well accessible from all directions.

  18. Competitive tuition fees:

    Though quality of education is high, the tuition fees of VU are comparatively less among the private universities in Bangladesh.

  19. Mode of payment:

    Its mode of payment is convenient. Students can pay their fees in several installments. Installments may be paid through CDM.

  20. Academic Programs:

    VU has continuously been introducing subjects which have market value. An expert team is evaluating the effectiveness of different subjects for new students on a regular basis.

    • Bachelor's Degree
      B.Sc. in CSE
      B.Sc. in EEE
      B. Pharm Honors
      BA Honors in English
      LLB Honors
      BSS Honors in Economics
      BSS Honors in Sociology
      BSS Honors in JCMS
      BSS Honors in Political Science


    • Master's Degree
      MA in English
      MSS in Sociology 
      Master in Public Health
      MSS in Political Science
      MSS in Economics


  21. Co-curricular activities:‚Äč


  1.  It has a lot of co-curricular activities for the students performed under different clubs. English Language Club, Debating Club, Programming Club, E- Club, Business Club, Lab & Amenities. Orientations, Reception, Farewells are regular programs organized by all departments separately.

  2. VU Debating Club organizes Inter departmental Debate Championship Competition every year and also participate in national Championship organized by the University Debate Organization.

  3. Comfortable Classroom & Labs:

    Classrooms are neat and clean, air-conditioned, with comfortable seating arrangement. All the rooms carry multimedia projectors and proper ventilations & lights. Labs are well facilitated.

  4. Discipline:

    VU has a completely disciplined educational environment. It is free from Politics, Smoking, Drug, Copying, Eve Teasing and other subversive acts and ethics.

  5. Sports:

    • VU family is really proud and enthusiastic of arranging different sport programs. It organized VU Cricket Leag 2013 to make its student physically fit and mentally sound.

    • VU team made us proud when they experienced a comprehensive victory in the Inter-Departmental Champions Trophy.

  6. Events:

    VU arranges business festivals, education fair, project fair, programming competition, film festival, business talk show, debate competition, photo exhibition etc on a regular basis in & outside campus. Purpose of it is to make the students best fit in job market through practical knowledge & familiar with various education systems & program to give them an idea about higher education like M.Phil. Or, Ph.D. or, study in abroad.

  7. Fresher’s Welcome:

    VU receives its future Leaders and Scholars with a warm and fresh welcome through Orientation program. VU treats all students as its asset and from the first day at campus VU ensures all their necessary things.

  8. Parents Day:

    For the betterment of the students, VU communicates with the Guardians and informs them about their students, if needed.

  9. Special counseling for weaker students:

    If it is identified that few students are not getting marks up to satisfactory level, VU faculty members support them, especially to improve their performance giving them extra counseling hours.

  10. Religious Events:

    VU observes all religious programs and arranges various religious events (iftar party, Miladunnabi, Sarwaswati puja, X-mass, for example) in the campus. It develops a brotherhood among the students and teachers in the campus and outside the campus as well.

  11. Digital Class Rooms:

    As the first digital university in Bangladesh, VU introduced digital class rooms for making the students familiar with modern technologies.

  12. One stop services:

    To solve the problems of students and to make a friendly educational environment in campus VU started one stop services where every student can get the solution of multiple problems from one booth.