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Varendra University :: UGC Approved Private University in Rajshahi

Varendra University

Pro Vice Chancellor

Prof. Dr. Ashik Mosaddik

It is a matter of immense pleasure for me to be a part of the Varendra University family as its 3rd Pro Vice Chancellor. I take this opportunity of welcoming all to join Varendra University, an institution renowned for its quality and for its commitment to engage with society's challenges through research and active citizenship.  

In terms of credentials, the university has a history of achievements of about 10 years, the most recent one being the review by the University Grants Commission (2020) where VU achieved the highest grade. Moreover, VU has already got the accreditation from Bangladesh Bar Council and Bangladesh Pharmacy Council. BAC and IEB accreditation process is also underway. 

VU has a dedicated team of qualified faculty and an equally sincere non-teaching staff who cater to the academic and official requirements of the students. The academic atmosphere of the University generates a cordial and ambient feeling. A large number of national conferences, seminars and workshops are organized by the university. Such events provide a variety of experiences to the students which are helpful for their career. Our faculty members regularly publish research works in journals of repute that have high impact factor. 

This university is ICT enabled and the departments provide an e-learning and e-connect environment, along with document management system as well as virtual classrooms. The new and permanent campus of the university is situated on about 45 bighas of land at Rajshahi bypass road and the construction work of the first phase has been completed within 2022. 

Furthermore, our career center, IQAC, Center for Multidisciplinary Research with state of art labs and a well stacked library fulfill the academic needs of the students. Our modern curriculum, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities ensure the physical, mental and intellectual growth of our students. It is also to be mentioned here that VU has its own bus service that students can avail for transportation. We hope that with the support of our senior management, peers, mentors, students and their parents, we will become one of the leading universities in Bangladesh very soon In-shaa-Allah. 

It is a matter of great importance that we provide financial assistance of about four crore (in Taka) every year to poor and meritorious students so that students from financially challenged families too can afford to study in VU. I hope this prospectus will help you explore requirements for different degrees, financial aid options and answer many of your queries. It provides information about admission, accommodation, job placement, and more. We are keen to attract talented, motivated students; specially those who care about society and the environment. 

We encourage you to choose VU. It will change your life. 

Position Held:

  • Lecturer, Pharmacy, Rajshahi University: October 25, 1998 to October 24, 2001
  • Assistant Professor, Pharmacy, Rajshahi University: October 25, 2001 to July 24, 2006
  • Associate Professor, Pharmacy, Rajshahi University: July 25, 2006 to 24 January 2011 
  • Professor Pharmacy, Rajshahi University: 25 January, 2011 to date
  • Chairperson, Pharmacy Department. Brac University: 16 June 2011 to 15 June 2012.
  • Coordinator (part-time) Pharmacy, Varendra University: 15 December, 2012 to 14 August 2016.
  • Research Professor, Clinical pharmacy, Dammam University 15 February 2017 to 14 February 2019

Academic career:

  • Post doc from Jeju National University, Korea 2009-2010 Offered (S. Korea)
  • Ph.D. from  Southern Cross University, Australia 2001-2004 Degree awarded 
  • M. Pharm. from  University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh 1994 First class 3rd 
  • B. Pharm. from (Hons.) University of Rajshahi 1993 First class 1st 


Members of the professional societies

  1. Rajshahi University Teachers’ Association
  2. Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Society (BPS)
  3. Pharmacy Graduates’ Association (PGA)-Bangladesh
  4. Bangladesh Genetical Society
  5. Asian Symposium on Medicinal Plants, Spices, and Other Natural Products (ASOMPS X)
  6. Asian Network for Research on Antidiabetic Plants
  7. RACI Natural Products Group
  8. Korean Society for Applied Biological Chemistry


Ph.D thesis title: Chemical and biological studies on some Australian Flacourtiaceae (Supervisor: Professor Peter G Waterman, Australia) 

M. Pharm. Thesis title: Phytochemical and biological investigation of Bryonopsis laciniosa. (Supervisor: Professor Ekramul Haque, Bangladesh). 

Field of interest:

Broad field of interest: 

  1. Phytochemistry
  2. Food Chemistry and chemoprevention and Phyto-Pharmacolgoy
  3. Organic Chemistry
  4. Nanomedicine.

Specific field of interest:

  1. Isolation, purification and characterization of bio-active compounds from plants
  2. Application of modern Tandem Mass for chemical profiling of secondary metabolites in plant, microbes, food and herbal products.
  3. Study on the role of Phytochemicals in Cardiovascular diseases, anticancer and Obesity through mechanism action approach in vitro and in vivo.
  4. Formulation of herbal drinks and nano-medicine from phytochemicals and their clinical trial.
  5. Survey on anti-obesity status and evaluation of anti-obesity drugs for child.

Professional involvements in Editorial Board of Journals:

  • Journal of Cancer Research and Experimental Oncology (member of editorial team)
  • Pharmacognosy Magazine (India) (Reviewer)
  • Pakistan Journal of Biological Science (Country representative)
  • Journal of Bioorganic chemistry (Reviewer)
  • Journal of Medicinal Plant Research (reviewer)
  • African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative medicines (Reviewer)
  • African Journal of Microbiological Research (Reviewer)
  • Pharmaceutical Biology (Reviewer)
  • Natural Product Research (Reviewer)
  • Current Medicinal Chemistry (reviewer)

Publication of books, edited books, book chapters:

  1. Global Perspectives on Childhood Obesity: Current Status, Consequences and Prevention”, Chapter 11 - Emerging Pathways to Child Obesity Starts from the Mother’s Womb: A Prospective View. 2011, Pages 119-125, Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Inc.
  2. Author STREAM presentation by Dr. Ashik Mosaddik on Extraction Technologies for Medicinal and aromatic plants on 30 April, 2017, Views:2135 Slides:12.
  3. "Development and use of polymeric nanoparticles for the encapsulation and administration of plant extracts", Book chapter in Natural Products as Source of Molecules with Therapeutic Potential: Research & Development, Challenges and Perspectives- published by Springer. 2018.

Papers in International Scientific Peer Reviewed Journals

In 2021

  1. Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Muhammad Ali Khan, A. S. M. Ali Reza , Khaled Mahmud Sujon, Rokshana Sharmin, Mamunur Rashid, Md. Golam Sadik, Md. Abu Reza, Toshifumi Tsukahara, Ashik Mosaddik, Glenda C Gobeb and AHM Khurshid Alam. Unfolding the Apoptotic Mechanism of Antioxidant Enriched-Leaves of Tabebuia pallida in EAC Cells. bioRxiv, https://doi.org/10.1101/2021.01.11.426226.

In 2020

  1. Hayat Ullah, Fazal Rahim, Muhammad Taha, Raffaqat Hussain, Nida Tabassum, Abdul Wadood, Mohsan Nawaz, Ashik Mosaddik, Syahrul Imran, Zainul Wahab, Ghulam Abbas Miana, Khalid Mohammed Khan. Aryl-oxadiazole Schiff bases: Synthesis, α-glucosidase in vitro inhibitory activity and their in silico studiesJournal Arabian Journal of Chemistry, Elsevier.
  2. M. Taha, Ashik Mosaddik, Dazal Rahim, Sajjad Ali, Mohammed Ibrahim and Noor Barak Al mandil Synthesis, antiglycation and antioxidant potentials of benzimidazole derivatives. Journal of King Saud University – Science, Volume 32, Issue 1, January 2020, Pages 191-194.
  3.  Md. Maniruzzaman, Ashik Mosaddik, Simin Shabnam Lopa, Md. Mahadi Hasan, Ashraful Mahmud Tuhin, Md. Abu Zubair, Md. Shahidul Haque, In vitro assessment and comparative efficacy on antioxidative effects of petroleum ether and methanol extract of different citrus fruit peels in Bangladesh. Int. J. Biosci. 16(3), 334-349, 2020.
  4. Mohammad Anwar Hossain, Mohammad Nazmul Huda, Mohammad Ekramul Islam, Ashik Mosaddik, Saiful Islam, Quddusur Rahman, Firoza Begum, Sheikh Mizanur Rahman, Tarun Kanti Paul, Association Between Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia and Serum Zinc Levels in Dhaka City of Bangladesh. American Journal of Laboratory Medicine 2020; 5(6): 174-179.

In 2019

  1. Muhammad Taha, Maryam Irshad, Syahrul Imran, Fazal Rahim, Manikandan Selvaraj, Noor Barak Almandil, Ashik Mosaddik, Sridevi Chigurupati, Faisal Nawaz, Nor Hadiani Ismail, Mohamed Ibrahim. Thiazole Based Carbohydrazide Derivatives as α-Amylase Inhibitor and Their Molecular Docking Study. Hindawi Heteroatom Chemistry, Volume 2019, Article ID 7502347, 8 pages https://doi.org/10.1155/2019/7502347.
  2. El Hassane Anouar, Moustapha Eid Moustapha, Muhammad Taha, Mohammed H Geesi, Zeinab R Farag, Fazal Rahim, Noor Barak Almandil, Rai Khalid Farooq, Muhammad Nawaz, Ashik Mosaddik. Synthesis, molecular docking and β-glucuronidase inhibitory potential of indole base oxadiazole derivatives. Molecules 2019, 24, 963.
  3. Mohammed Gollapalli, Muhammad Taha, Muhammad Tariq Javid, Noor Barak Almandil, Fazal Rahim, Abdul Wadood, Ashik Mosaddik, Mohamed Ibrahim, Mohammed A Alqahtani, Yasser A Bamarouf. Synthesis of benzothiazole derivatives as a potent α-glucosidase inhibitor. Bioorganic chemistry, 85:33-48.Academic Press.
  4. Noor Barak Almandil, Muhammad Taha, Fazal Rahim, Abdul Wadood, Syahrul Imran, Mohammed A Alqahtani, Yasser A Bamarouf, Mohamed Ibrahim, Ashik Mosaddik, Mohammed Gollapalli. Synthesis of novel quinoline-based thiadiazole, evaluation of their antileishmanial potential and molecular docking studies. Bioorganic chemistry, 85: 109-116.
  5. Muhammad Taha, Syahrul Imran, Munther Alomari, Fazal Rahim, Abdul Wadood, Ashik Mosaddik, Nizam Uddin, Mohammed Gollapalli, Mohammed A Alqahtani, Yasser A Bamarouf. Synthesis of oxadiazole-coupled-thiadiazole derivatives as a potent β-glucuronidase inhibitors and their molecular docking study. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 27:14, 3145-3155
  6. Francesca Froiio, Ashik Mosaddik, Mahmud Tareq Morshed, Donatella Paolino, Hatem Fessi, Abdelhamid Elaissari. Edible Polymers for Essential Oils Encapsulation: Application in Food Preservation. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2019 58 (46), 20932-20945. DOI: 10.1021/acs.iecr.9b02418
  7. Muhammad Taha, Noor Barak Almandil, Umer Rashid, Muhammad Ali, Mohamed Ibrahim, Mohammed Gollapalli, Ashik Mosaddik, Khalid Mohammed Khan. 2, 5-Disubstituted thiadiazoles as potent β-glucuronidase inhibitors; Synthesis, in vitro and in silico studies. Journal Bioorganic chemistry, 91: 103-126.
  8. Muhammad Taha, Tayyaba Noreen, Syahrul Imran, Fasial Nawaz, Sridevi Chigurupati, Manikandan Selvaraj, Fazal Rahim, Nor Hadiani Ismail, Ashok Kumar, Ashik Mosaddik, Abdullah M Alghamdi. Synthesis, α-amylase inhibition and molecular docking study of bisindolylmethane sulfonamide derivatives. Journal Medicinal Chemistry Research, 28: 11, 2010-2022.
  9.  Noor Barak Almandil, Muhammad Taha, Mohammed Gollapalli, Fazal Rahim, Mohamed Ibrahim, Ashik Mosaddik. Indole bearing thiadiazole analogs: synthesis, β-glucuronidase inhibition and molecular docking study BMC chemistry, 13./1: 14, Nature Publishing Group.
  10. Md Mahbubur Rahman, ASM Sakhawat Hossain, Md Golam Mostofa, Muhammad Ali Khan, Rezwan Ali, Ashik Mosaddik, Md Golam Sadik, AHM Khurshid Alam. Evaluation of anti-ROS and anticancer properties of Tabebuia pallida L. Leaves. Journal Clinical Phytoscience, 5: 1, 7.


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