Business Administration

Department of Business Administration

Dept. Head

Dr. Kaniz Habiba Afrin

The Department of Business Administration is one of the pioneering departments at Varendra University. A wide variety of undergraduate degree programs namely Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and post-graduate degree program namely Master of Business Administration (MBA) are designed by the department to reflect the requirements and desires of the students and those of society and industry, whilst retaining academic rigor. A number of students are currently studying at BBA and MBA Programs. It offers a broad range of disciplines like Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management (HRM), and Accounting etc. Courses have been designed highlighting theoretical and practical orientation to discover the leading edge of knowledge. Well experienced and energetic faculties from distinguished universities are conducting classes with passion and dedication. It facilitates the way for developing excellence in higher education keeping pace with the changing global world.

This Department of Varenda University never compromise to recruit quality teaches to provide quality education. So, the Department of Business Administration has highly qualified, committed, and dedicated faculty members with exceptional academic career and Ph.D. degrees from reputed universities at home and abroad with long experience of teaching at the university level. We also invite highly qualified and experienced adjunct faculties from Rajshahi University. Faculty members spend a lot of time in academic research while being available for solving students’ problem. Besides, Faculties have been engaging in extensive research activities with a view to adding insights into the frontier of knowledge.

The Department of Business Administration has been organizing several workshops, seminars, business quiz contests since its inception. Constructive and proactive institutional arrangements have been motivating the students to participate in distinguished extracurricular activities. Let’s have a journey with us and you will be grown up by the leading academics contributing to have an impact on your recognition in the world.